Dear Gerard,

We are preparing the second ballot for [zgh]. I do not have the email 
address for Juhu Hakala. Can you send it to John Zagas ([log in to unmask]) 
for the JACVOTE listserv and to me?

Thank you for your help.

Melinda Lyons

On 7/16/12 11:25 AM, Gérard Lang-Marconnet wrote:
> Dear Melinda,
> Dear Gerhard,
> Dear All,
> On behalf of Françoise Pellé, I have the pleasure to notify that the representation of the ISO/TC 46 within the ISO 639/RA-JAC is now as follows:
> 1-Seat 1: Juha Hakala (substitute: Glenn Patton);
> 2-Seat 2: Gérard Lang (substitute: Elisabeth Porteneuve);
> 3-Seat 3: François Demay (substitute: David Dalby).
> You will find the considered electronic adresses within this message.
> By the way, after this movement could we have communication of the complete list of:
> -the nine voting members (and their substitutes) of the ISO 639/RA-JAC;
> -the (at most five) technical experts of the JAC;
> -the others persons receiving the messages of the list [log in to unmask] ?
> Bien cordialement.
> Gérard LangX-Quarantine ID  /var/spool/MD-Quarantine/12/qdir-2012-07-16-12.25.43-001