The Australian Newspapers Digitisation Program uses both physical (for pages) and logical (for articles) structMaps in METS. See details in the document
 Use of METS and ALTO in the Australian Newspapers Digitisation Program (ANDP) at the National Library of Australia (NLA)

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Subject: [METS] Understanding TYPE="physical|logical" and <smLinkGrp>

I'm working on a solution to manage METS documents and I got a bit puzzled by the definition of the TYPE attribute of the <structMap>. From the specs, I found this on the <smLinkGrp> element's description :
For example, if a METS document contains two <structMap> elements, one of which represents a purely logical structure and one of which represents a purely physical structure, the <smLinkGrp> element would provide a means of mapping a <div> representing a logical entity (for example, a newspaper article) with multiple <div> elements in the physical <structMap> representing the physical areas that together comprise the logical entity (for example, the <div> elements representing the page areas that together comprise the newspaper article).
It's pretty abstract to me so I'm looking for an example that could demonstrate how to use the TYPE attribute. Any links to share ?

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