NLS Operations Alert


No. 12-65


DATE          :  September 7, 2012

TO                :  Network Libraries

FROM         :  Sylvia H. Dye, CMLS Coordinator

SUBJECT   :  CMLS end-of-year review


All CMLS subscribers who are in a canceled or suspended status as of September 30, 2012, will be deleted from CMLS. If you have canceled or suspended subscribers who should not be deleted, you are urged to change their status to Active or Resume before noon on Thursday, September 27, 2012, which is the close date for 2012.


Please review the status of your subscribers. Refer to sections 4.3 Cancel Service and 4.4 Fiscal-Year-End Cancel of the CMLS Operations Manual for details on the policy.


During your review please pay particular attention to subscribers who have status codes of canceled or suspended, but whose records contain Digital Download Book (DDB9) and/or Web-Braille (WBB1) publication code. Users of the BARD and/or Web-Braille services are considered active.  


To review a list of patrons who are in a suspended or canceled status, or who have a publications code DDB9 or WBB1:


   1.   Log on to the Network Library Services website at


   2.   Select the NLS WebNet link.


   3.   Log on to NLS WebNet.


   4.   Select CMLS Menu.


   5.   Choose Research CMLS DB.


6.    Check the box labeled Select All Patrons in Suspended Status or Select All      

Patrons in Canceled Status. To review a list of subscribers with DDB9 or WBB1,

select the publication code from the publications list found at the top of screen.


   7.   Select Submit Query.


CMLS will then generate a list of patrons with the appropriate status.

If you want to change the status of a patron, select the CMLS Menu, then CMLS Transactions. Enter the subscriber’s ID, change the patron’s status to Active or Resume, and select the Click Here to Begin button. To prevent deletions these actions must be completed before noon on Thursday, September 27, 2012


For further information contact: 


         Sylvia H. Dye

         Management Analyst and CMLS Coordinator

         Reference Section

         (202) 707-9235

         [log in to unmask]