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The “Show all Institution Records” should pull out copies of the original RDA pcc record, at least in this case. This is a temporary situation since by March 31 2013 LC catalogers will only be creating RDA records for those categories of material that would formerly have been cataloged under AACR2. Having the LCCN as a match point can be pretty useful in a number of situations, so I’m not sure if it is ultimately useful to bump an LC record if there is a pcc master record. (My opinion only)


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Subject: Re: RDA to AACR2??


We also have that record in our catalog as an RDA record, so I can see what happened.   OCLC’s load algorithms always prefer LC to “member” so an LC  AACR2 record replaced a Univ. of Chicago RDA record, with no reference to which rules were used.   You see a trace of the original inputting library in the 040:  DLC ǂb eng ǂc DLC ǂd CGU ǂd C3L ǂd OHX ǂd PL# ǂd UBY ǂd CUT.


In this year’s BIBCO OpCo meeting, Cynthia Whitacre from OCLC reported that OCLC plans to change their programming to put pcc on an equal footing with LC, but that this will be a big job involving old and well integrated coding.





Amy Turner


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Subject: [PCCLIST] RDA to AACR2??


We loaded OCLC # 759122184, Literatura de inmigrantes árabes y judíos en Chile y México, into our catalog in May of 2012.  At that point it was an RDA record with an 042 pcc in it.  Now, it seems to have been converted back to AACR2 in OCLC.  This is a little confusing… I had been under the impression that AACR2àRDA conversion was a one way street.



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