Here’s a handy tip for you. One way to find RDA NARs that might work for you is to search in the authority file by Entity Attribute


For example if you search Islamic law by Entity Attribute, you will retrieve 17 records—all of which have “Islamic law” in the 372 field.  Or searching the term “Associate professor” by Entitle Attribute retrieves 156 matches with “Associate professor” in the 374 field.   This index still contains AACR2 headings, but even so these records all have 3XX fields.


Becky Culbertson






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One that I ran across the other day: ARN 08783993; LCCN: n 2011180633

100:1x:$a Babcock, Philip S., $c Ph. D.

That one hasn't been flipped yet.  Wayne's looking for a record that has been revised to the RDA standard and the 667 removed in the process.

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