In that case, "Theatre Royal, Bridges Street" (or Brydges Street) should be the 110 of nb2012012255. But the authority says there are no publications under that name in the British Library database. Here is one title in OCLC that includes it as "Theatre Royal, in Bridges-Street, Covent-Garden": Love the leveler (OCLC #753441087 and others), by G.B., dated 1704. Of course that's after Theatre Royal Drury Lane supposedly opened in 1674. 

Here's an interesting thing from Deborah's Folger Library:

That shows that in 1776 people called it the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane though the entrance was still on Bridges Street. I think it's still on Bridges (Catherine) Street today. 

But at any rate, if there's any justification for more than one heading, I think the earlier one should have the Bridges Street form, not Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.  

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> Actually, only one formal name: Theatre Royal Drury Lane.

  The formal name was apparently "Theatre Royal, Bridges Street" from May 7, 1663 to Jan. 25, 1672.


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