I am very pleased to report that—thanks to the very hard work of many people—all eleven of the Decision Tables responding to Task Group recommendations this past Spring/Summer have been updated with their current status and posted to the PCC web site.  A new column on the far right was added to each Decision Table that contains the latest information.  If you are interested in a particular recommendation from a particular report, you can see where that recommendation now stands.


These Decision Tables are linked from the revised “Status of PCC RDA TGs” Word document, which is downloaded by clicking  http://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/rda/RDA%20Task%20groups%20and%20charges/PCC-RDA-TGs.doc.


In the aggregate, these updates represent a tremendous amount of work by many PCC members.  Here are some back-of-the-napkin statistics:


·        65 of the accepted recommendations are done—no further work is needed (58%)

·        39 of the accepted recommendations are still actively underway (34%)

·        9 of the accepted recommendations have been deferred (some awaiting Task Group reports in the Fall, others deferred for other reasons) (8%)


I understand that 130 LCPSs have been edited, removed, or added to date as the result of the PCC collaboration with PSD.  12 LCPSs were published in June, 30 in August, and 86 will be published in October.  Special kudos to Becky Culbertson, Dave Reser, and others for their diligence with this huge task!


With the Policy Committee meeting in early November, we expect to make even more headway, and we will keep you informed.   I know you all join me in celebrating this progress in PCC preparations for RDA. 


Linda Barnhart

Head, Metadata Services Department

UC San Diego Libraries and

   Chair, Program for Cooperative Cataloging 2011-12


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