Thank you Mickey. I find it amusing that such a beautiful and historic
instrument should wind up in the hands of someone who
obviously doesn't play it real well.

However, the recording is much as I said; louder than an acoustic without
changing the timbre a great deal. Does it have a
matrix number that can be read?

Lebanon, OH

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> Hello - This is a transfer of an Autograph disc - I believe from 1924 -
> single sided - cheers-Mickey
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>  I always thought the reason for curtailing dynamic range was to make
>> electrical records playable on portable acoustic
>> phonographs - and many early electrical discs were never even issued
>> because they failed the infamous 'wear test' at the pressing plant; and
>> dealers did not want to have irate customers complaining about records they
>> bought that were 'blasting' and mistracking .
>> Mike