Hi Tom-san, sorry for being late to reply.

Volume V of that Ruppli & Novitsky's Mercury books has "Tables of
Stereo/Mono Equivalent Masters" section.
Prefixes like JB/JS/PB/PBE/PS were used. PBE was for "electronically
enhanced stereo" (aka fake stereo).
So I believe, if you find the PB-prefix master number on the sheet, at
least stereo recording was executed
and tape was there when the sheet was written.

You mentioned that the stereo master of "Disillusioned Heart" is indicated
as "PB-1377",
while the Vol. V of the Ruppli book notes PB-1377 is "unknown" (blank).
It might be that the PB-1377 was mixed and numbered as such for future
stereo LP issues
but not used on any LPs, and the sheet was not filed somehow (thus not
included on the
Ruppli books).

And I am surprised that the take 4 of "Disillusioned Heart" did exist - a
great find!


On Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 7:31 PM, Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]>wrote:

> Hi Kohji-san:
> Some more details about the Fine Recording take sheet, a copy of which I
> have here.
> 1. "I Ain't Hurtin'" is Master # 18019 and PB-1376. Does the "PB" master
> indicate stereo? Also, while take 14 is the last take, it is not
> specifically indicated which take was used as the master. Takes 1, 4, 5,9,
> 11 and 14 appear to be complete in that there is a take timing written down
> and not an X which indicates an incomplete take.
> 2. "Disillusions Heart" is Master #18020 and PB-1377. Take 6 is indicated
> as "master." Take 4 is also complte, the others are incomplete.
> 3. I think this take sheet is written in George Piros's hand, but it could
> be my father's writing. They had similar wrting, but George was more prone
> to all caps for titles, which is the case here. And, my father usually
> wrote "C.T." instead of a take time for complete takes, writing a time only
> on edited masters. However, it looks like the writing instrument was either
> a grease pencil or a thick carpenter's pencil, and my father often used
> those and his handwriting tended to be less formal when he did, I assume
> because they can be harder to grip than a good pen. The Sarah Vaughn LPs
> done at Fine Recording are generally accurate in the "HiFinformation" about
> who did the engineering, and it was usually but not always George.
> 4. The photocopy I have of this take sheet was given to me in the 90's, so
> this tape existed in the 90's. It was reel 2 from that date. The question
> is, again, exactly how the session was done and, since masters were lifted
> to the master reel, was this just a reel of out-takes by the 90's?
> -- Tom Fine
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>  Hi Tom-san,
>> I confirmed that the following tracks (from the Sep. 26, 1958 session with
>> Hal Mooney Orchestra)
>> are included in monaural on "The Complete Sarah Vaughan on Mercury Vol. 3"
>> (Nippon Phonogram 18PJ-1041/46, 826 333-1).
>> My copy is 6LP edition, which I believe is equivalent to 6CD edition.
>> 17990-7  Cool Baby
>> 18018-10  Everything I Do
>> 18019-14  I Ain't Hurtin'
>> 18020-6   Disillusioned Heart
>> That five volume discography by Ruppli mentions the master number of "Cool
>> Baby" as
>> 17990-7 (PB 4374), so at least the "Cool Baby" was mastered both in mono
>> and stereo
>> at that time. Not sure for other three tracks. I guess three-track stereo
>> master tapes might
>> exist still in the vaults (but AFAIK not mastered to two tracks nor
>> released yet in the past).
>> Kohji
>> On Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 3:31 AM, Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]>**
>> wrote:
>>  Does anyone have this CD set:
>>> alb/189-7275718-6834958<http:/**/**
>>> B000VIWIKG/ref=dm_sp_alb/189-**7275718-6834958<>
>>> >
>>> (The Complete Sarah Vaughan On Mercury Vol.3)
>>> If so, can you confirm that "I Ain't Hurtin'" and "Disillusioned Heart"
>>> on
>>> disc 5 are indeed released in mono as are these online samples?
>>> If they are in mono, I wonder what happened to the stereo masters??? I
>>> have a copy of the Fine Recording take sheet for that session (looks like
>>> it was 9/26/58) and all indications are that the session was recorded in
>>> both stereo and mono. Maybe they only went with mono singles masters for
>>> this box set?
>>> -- Tom Fine