Hey Doug,

I rember working in one where the lacquers were in the basement on E 52d?
St.  I remember it was east. I think it was referred to as the engineering


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Columbia's studio operations were never consolidated at the 30th Street
They went from 799 Seventh to the former CBS radio studios at 49 W 52nd
Street at some point in the 1950's (I think).  I remember Seeing Arthur
Godfrey in the elevator in 1969.

BTW, the photo to the left of the one of Ed Michalski shows the back of Fred
Plaut's head.

> As I understand it, and again I might be wrong about this, Columbia 
> used the Seventh Avenue location both before and during the time they 
> owned the famous 30th Street "Church" studio, eventually consolidating
their NYC studio operations at 30th Street.

Doug Pomeroy
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