"In my world the old forms strive to regain significance, even where the
modern timbre of the music seldom or never allows them to appear on the
surface. While it may be true that the emotional power which alone can
master those forms is insufficient in modern man and that the constructive
capacity and tonal material of present day music produces only illusions of
the old forms, I use them, nevertheless, and in spite of such afflictions,
for the representation of the things that make up my world ... Ancient forms
appear to me as classical ideals of beauty, no longer attainable, but
visible from a great distance, arousing memories like dreams. But the way to
them is obscured by the densest darkness of our age; the way to them is the
most difficult and most impossible thing. However, to me it seems the only
folly worth living for."

That's the composer from the DGG album of his symphonies, which at the time
numbered only five of the eventual ten. I've always been put off by their
brutal aspects, and otherwise mystified. But, I read that his work covered a
lot of stylistic ground, so it would be nice to learn more.

So yes, please, give us that interview!

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By an odd coincidence I am currently reading his autobiography. 

I have a unpublished recording of an interview he did with John Ardoin and
upload it if anyone is interested.


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With all of the classical music experts on this list, I thought mention
should be made of the passing of Hans Werner Henze:

I suspect there is no small amount of historical recordings of his work
around in the world.

David N. Lewis
Lebanon, OH