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Ryan, does the museum have audio of the HMV disk labelled as audio of a gas attack being launched on 
German positions? That is some scary audio!

-- Tom Fine

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If anyone is going to the ARSC conference in Kansas City next year, I would highly recommend 
visiting the National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial. I was surprised to find that it was 
not listed as one of the local attractions in the outreach email, yet it's closer to the Kansas City 
Marriott Country Club Plaza than almost all of the other attractions they listed (the only exception 
is the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art). World War I has always been one of my absolute favorite 
historical subjects during my years of collecting and researching acoustic sound recordings (that, 
and the Titanic). The museum has sound booths where visitors can listen to period recordings. If my 
memory is correct, there is also an Edison Army Navy Diamond Disc phonograph on display that had 
seen better days. But even if you're slightly fond of Cohan's "Over There," you'll enjoy this. I 
don't know if there is public transportation to it (although if you're coming by Amtrak, it's in 
walking distance from the station). It's almost 3 miles north of the Marriott. If you can find any 
time to squeeze in during the conference, most people can walk and casually browse through the 
museum in an hour (but if you're a big fan of the period like me, and want to digest everything, 
three hours is barely enough). Their website is -Ryan