Here is an "acoustic" recording of that electrical recording:

Even with this really crappy YouTube sound, it seems like this is an electrical recording, not tinny 
enough and more bass than usually possible with an acoustic horn recording.

Does anyone have MP3 of a better transfer?

-- Tom Fine

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Does anyone have solid documentation (for example, an original record list or advance notice) of 
when Victor 19626 by the Mask & Wig Glee Chorus/International Novelty Orchestra was released? This 
could have been the first electrical recording Victor issued. It wasn't listed in any of the monthly 
Victor supplements, and instead of giving a release date, the 1926 Victor numerical book list the 
release as being "issued for the Pacific Coast Trade." Otherwise, the first documented electrical 
Victor releases were 19621 (by Trinity Choir) and 19630 (by Meyer Davis). Both went on sale May 1, 
1925. Nine more electric records were issued May 29, 1925, among them was the earliest electrical 
recording by Victor to be issued (#35753 by the Eight Popular Victor Artists), and the earliest Red 
Seal (#6502 by Alfred Cortot, pianist). -Ryan