After much research I found a reasonable source for D5 here in Canada 
and they will ship to the U.S.A.
You may find the info at the top of my blog page at the moment.
or go directly there

I know I have been discussing this off-list with a few of you.

There is also another blog post a couple of articles down about it 
working very well with Sony PR-150 on a Sony APR-5003 recorder with a 
simplified applicator using an envelope moistener found at many major 
stationary suppliers.

And, for something completely different, I have updated my article about 
my personal image scanning work, celebrating the completion of the bulk 
of it.

but all three of these are currently the top three articles on the blog 
(on my blog they sort by last-edited date so updated articles are 
recycled on the main page).



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