In a private note to me, Duane Goldman kindly pointed out that there are 
care and handling instructions in the report from Environment Canada 
that I linked to in my blog post.

I would also suggest looking for MSDS for the chemical, and will update 
the blog post with a link or two.

On the other hand, D5 is widely used in personal care products to 
provide the "slippery" feel in shampoos and soaps. We are putting a lot 
of this on our bodies and hair on a regular basis, so, if concern is 
warranted, I think it should be directed towards the personal care 
industry (and there are some grass roots issues in that area, although 
the weight of the data appeared not too strong in the Environment Canada 
report). Hence my comment about getting it while the getting is good. 
Who knows what will happen next year.

D5 is also used for "green" dry cleaning.



On 2012-10-09 10:42 AM, Richard L. Hess wrote:
> After much research I found a reasonable source for D5 here in Canada 
> and they will ship to the U.S.A.
> You may find the info at the top of my blog page at the moment. 
> or go directly there

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