Somewhere  in the deep recesses  of my mind   it seems like someone   posted  that  John RT Davies used a  Shure M44 for many of his transfers   with appropriate stylus  and eq of course.....
Does anyone else  have better  information ??

d nelson ward

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Reducing crackle from 78 rpm records the analogue way on 70's reissue LP's


I spent the week-end going through my collection of 70's and 80's compilation albums of old jazz records remastered by John R.T. Davies and Robert Parker.

I must say I am a bit impressed by the way they were able to suppress noise and especially the crackle form the old 78's they used.

May anybody remember (or know) how they did that and what kind of machines they used back in the analogue days?

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