I know that Hathi Trust has many of them:

but I don't think they'll be making them public any time soon. That would be
great news if somebody already had them scanned because it's equal parts
boring and frustrating wrestling with the photocopier/scanner machines in my

That said, I'm going to keep scanning any I can get my hands on because I
don't think I'd be in any trouble if I put them online, and I think it's too
important a resource to be this unavailable.

I have to assume that most of you folks with full runs probably had a
subscription as they were published. "Researcher" is a strong word, but I'm
a young enthusiast that's seriously disappointed with the availability of
primary research materials. I don't know if it's the lack of academic
programs, or the resourcefulness of collectors and researchers prior, but
most journals and magazines (Antique Phono. Monthly, Walsh's "Hobbies"
articles, etc.) are impossible to find without traveling (bound journals are
typically reference, so they won't ILL).

I'm going to try to pirate-distribute them until I get in trouble (seeking
permission first, as in this case). I figured RR is a good place to start
since it was mostly an auction list. Anyone with me?