Hello Tom, Hello Alls,

Happy to know that. And to discover the good spirits of Tom and others.

But we must also think on all people casualties of materials damages and injuries.

I apologize this really awful hurricane.

Regards from Biscay. And forgive me for my bad american English.

R. Parejo-Coudert

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Le/El/On: Tue, 30 Oct 2012 10:11:47 -0400, <prénom de l'utilisateur> Tom Fine [log in to unmask] m'a écrit | me ha escrito | wrote:

>We got really lucky here. Didn't have any major damage, didn't even lose
>power except for a couple 
>of short periods. I think that between Irene last year, the Halloween
>Blizzard last year and a 
>couple of severe thunderstorm fronts that came through over the summer,
>plus the utility doing major 
>tree-cutting after they cleaned up from the blizzard last year, there
>wasn't that much remaining to 
>fall on wires. I don't think any tall tree around here had ever
>sustained 60mph gusts (at least not 
>when it was nearly as tall as it is now), so very fortunate that none of
>them came crashing on the 
>house. The big gusts were coming right from the east, roaring up my side
>of the hill and blasting 
>right against the back long side of the house. The whole house was
>vibrating during the peak gusts. 
>Reminded me why I don't live one inch closer to the coast!
>-- Tom Fine
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>> Best wishes and prayers for our friends and members in the New York
>> City/New Jersey area. There are many of you, and I hope all goes well.
>> David N. Lewis
>> Lebanon, OH