Perfect, I found and ordered some Maxells.  
Thanks all the same,

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Hi, Tyra,

Since Dennis said what I was thinking and you kindly replied, all I can do is suggest to see if you can find some Maxell XLII cassettes. They are out of production as are the TDK SA, but I probably used 1000 or so of the Maxells over time and they performed very well.

How many do you actually need? If it's ten or maybe 20, I might be able to supply if you'd settle for C90 tapes. Sealed. But I rather you find them from someplace else first.



On 2012-10-30 2:32 PM, Grant, Tyra wrote:
> We've been asked to transfer a collection of audio content to cassettes.
> Is there a particular recommended cassette tape type  I should try to order (assuming 60 min. tape length)?
> Thanks,
> Tyra Grant
> University of Kansas Libraries

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