Okay, I've just retrieved my Walkie-Recordall (briefcase and all) that my dad gave me in junior high.  I'd thought it was lost but my sister had it.
Only one sonoband remains with the recorder.  Does anyone know where I might locate some unused sonobands (no connection to Geoffrey Sonnabend<>)?

Also, does anyone know if there's any truth to this information that the recorder might contain a 4.8 microcurie radium source?
Scroll down to the Walkie-Recordall...

Here's another article about the recorder, maybe of interest...

From junior high ('61) on, I'd tape everything---but mostly late night classical music from WFMT-Chicago---off my little zenith.
My dad had built a wonderful Heathkit stereo system with speakers but it sat in the living room.
I'd like to get this clunker up-and-running.  With the briefcase and all, I'm thinking it's perfect for spy missions.

Tyra Grant
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