Leah and I were sad to hear the news.  Dick has always been a friend for
the 40 years I've been in ARSC.  I often suggested that we hold an ARSC
Conference at Yale but it never happened. And Steve, that is a great
picture -- we need to put it in the newsletter and on the ARSC web site.

Mike Biel  [log in to unmask]  

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Richard was a true friend, and an excellent curator.  I met him, back in
1977, when I was nineteen, and was researching recordings made by the
'cellist Emanuel Feuermann.  He was polite, knowledgeable, patient,
helpful, friendly and fun.  Over the years, my wife Caren and I became
close friends with both him and his wife Mary-Jo.  Like many of you, I
mourn him today, but will carry his wonderful essence with me always.

Jon Samuels

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I spent  a fascinating day with Richard three years ago at Yale 
Janie and I visited with Richard and Mary Jo about 15 years ago when we 

were on way to Mystic for vacation. He gave us a tour and then even got
us a  
"table down at Morey's" (yep, it's real place.). What a gentle and
"giving" soul. 
I did a google search and what I consider the perfect image of Richard  
popped up. I'll share the link. Tomorrow, in his memory, it will be my
saver.  Take a look. Isn't that the Richard we all knew and loved?
_ ( 

Steve Ramm