BIBCO and CONSER stats reporters,   In the middle of FY2012, we changed statistics procedures due to changes in our PCC web pages and also in an effort to cut down on administrative overhead.  Some very legitimate questions about the new procedures have arrived, and this is an attempt to clarify things, using a technique that's popular in media that follow fashion trends.


What's Out:

·         Your customized web forms to report BIBCO stats and CONSER stats--jot down the little code just before the .htm to use in question #2 on the survey, and then delete them from your bookmarks

·         The monthly reminders from me with names of institutions whose stats we have received--prompting you to send your missing stats

·         The monthly schedule for you to send your BIBCO and/or CONSER stats

·         BIBCO and CONSER stats in the appropriate columns on some monthly reports on the PCC Statistics page

·         Individual online display pages showing each institution's full year of BIBCO and/or CONSER contributions


What's In:

·         You continue to track stats locally in appropriate categories

·         Les sends a  SurveyMonkey link for CONSER libraries to complete every quarter (see last week's email)

·         CONSER libraries see their quarterly contributions on the monthly reports for December, March, June, and September

·         Carolyn sends a SurveyMonkey link for BIBCO libraries to complete twice a year (see email Wed. Sept 26)

·         BIBCO libraries see their semiannual contributions on the monthly reports for March and September

·         You complete the surveys with your quarterly CONSER and/or semiannual BIBCO totals

·         A link on the PCC Statistics page for "BIBCO and CONSER Statistics Procedures and Deadlines [Word, 95 KB]"  

·         Less frequent email reminders, not naming names of reports received or missing


Don't we all love transitions?  If you have questions, Les and I are here and ready to help.  Thanks.


Carolyn R. Sturtevant

BIBCO Coordinator

COIN/Cooperative Programs Section

Library of Congress

Washington, DC 20540-4320

voice: 202.707.4551

fax: 202.252.2082

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