Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

The following journals have been designated as excess to the NSRDEC collection, and are available to interested federal libraries. Part of our determination to discard was based on the copyright holder's provision of a freely accessible online archive that includes the volumes being offered. Preference will be given to requests for complete ranges, with single issues being filled based on availability after that.  Please respond with interest by October 12th.

                Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences [PNAS]

                v.32 - v.58 (1946-1967)                 [BOUND]
                v.59 - v.107 no.12 (1968-2010)  [UNBOUND]

                missing a dozen scattered issues, contact us for details

                Canadian Journal of Chemistry

                v.29 - v.51     (1951-1973)                     [BOUND]
                v.52 - v.72 (1974-1994)                 [UNBOUND]

                missing 3 issues, contact us for details

                Canadian Journal of Plant Science

                v.47 - v.51     (1967-1971)                     [BOUND]
                v.52 - v.63 no.3 (1972-1983)            [UNBOUND]

                Biophysical Journal

                v.1 - v.7  (1960-1967)                  [BOUND]
                v.8 - v.71 (1968-1996)                  [UNBOUND]

                missing some issues from volumes 33 and 62

If your library is interested in any of these journal volumes/issues, please reply to [log in to unmask]
no later than October 12, 2010 with your full mailing address.

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Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE