An open invitation to KM librarians to actively participate in a group session at the upcoming, Government Information and Analytics Summit (Nov. 28-29). A panel of leading KM Specialists and Librarians will gather to discuss their success stories, innovative techniques and processes in field implementations of KM projects. Panelists will share knowledge of ingenious uses for the copious amounts of data gathered by government agencies. Discussion will be geared towards developing and enabling functional uses of information gathered from large data sets. The title of the forum is "Generating Value from Information: Librarians and the Implementation of Knowledge Management in the Field". The librarians will focus on their roles implementing projects using KM techniques and the value gained from the project work done. Topics include:  big data, data analytics, the value of such projects and the utilization of big data. POC: Alan King, [log in to unmask] or [log in to unmask]