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            No.      :    12-03


            Date    :    October 19, 2012


            Subject:    Stereo Headphones



                       NLS is introducing stereo headphones (stock number AC023) for use

                       with the digital talking-book machine (DTBM). The headphones are

                       compatible with both the standard model (DS1) and the advanced

                       model (DA1) DTBM. The headphones connect directly to the green

                       headphone jack located on the right-hand side of the digital player.

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Figure 1. Stereo Headphones







                   This accessory should only be used with DS1 or DA1 players and

                   is not compatible with C1 players. Headphones can be ordered from

                   the multistate centers and are packaged as twenty units to an overpack.

                   Orders must be made in multiples of twenty units (overpacks will not

                   be divided) with a minimum order being twenty units (one overpack). 



                   For further information contact:  John Brown, Head

                                                                   Engineering Section

                                                                   (202) 707-1461

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