Fellow PCC Members,

As October 1st began a new federal fiscal year, it's time to make our official transitions in the PCC Policy Committee as well.  As incoming Chair, I'd like to take a minute to thank the outgoing members of our committee for their outstanding work in a time of unprecedented activity:

John Riemer, Chair Emeritus and CONSER rep
Margaretta Yarborough, BIBCO rep

I can hardly find words to express my appreciation to Linda Barnhart as she transitions to the role of Chair Emeritus.  The past year has been crucial in the history of the PCC as we transition both to RDA and to new conceptions of our work in the much broader context of an interlinked world of data.  Her tireless work in the formation of task groups, shepherding results, tracking decisions and making decisions accessible, all while retaining her cheerful good nature, has made this year the success it has been.  We are very fortunate in having her expertise remain with us for another year.

We are also very fortunate in having two excellent chairs retaining their chairmanships:

Rebecca Culbertson, Standing Committee on Standards
John Riemer, PCC Advisory Committee on Initiatives

Finally, I'd like to welcome our newest members:

Beth Picknally Camden, PCC Chair Elect and CONSER rep
Diane Boehr, CONSER rep
Betsy Simpson, BIBCO rep

This next year looks to be equally as exciting as the transition to RDA moves into full swing and the Bibliographic Framework Transition Initiative gathers steam.  It's hard to think of a more exciting time in our world of metadata.

Philip E. Schreur
Head, Metadata Department
Stanford University
650-725-1120 (fax)