Thanks, Larisa, for bringing up this aspect of the discussion. I would like to see responses from libraries working already with rda, including DLC. Based on some cursory looking at OCLC records, it does look like Chekhov should be: Chekhov, A. P. (probably with |q (Anton Pavlovich)?) I don’t know if the number of “legacy records” is given as a valid reason to keep older forms that do not match current rules. I personally feel the headings should be changed to go along with current rules (now, rda), and worry about changing the legacy records in some way. Here, for example, we are considering contracting with vendors to change our authority and bib records as headings get changed.

If we don’t change to reflect the new rules (thus instituting a new “compatible” type of heading), years from now the headings will simply look wrong.

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Jack and Robert,

Thank you for bringing this issue up. Discussion on changing/not changing pre-AACR2 NARs with thousands of legacy records has been going on among some Slavic catalogers recently, and I would like to extend it to this list.

I fully agree and support changing pre-AACR2 headings to RDA forms of names when re-coding to RDA.  However my colleagues and I found it very difficult to follow instructions on re-coding older records to RDA for certain names.

Please look up the NAR n  79130807  for  Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich, ǂd 1860-1904

The NAR was established in 1979 under pre-AACR2 and included fuller form of name with patronymic “Pavlovich” that in fact almost never appear in publications under this name. According to RDA this heading should have been established as “Chekhov, Anton, ǂd 1860-1904”, or “Chekhov, A. P., ǂd 1860-1904”.

I re-coded the record to RDA without changing the heading – mostly because of the thousands of legacy records that would be affected. Plus imagine amount of time reporting BFMs…

There are many headings in the NAF similar to Chekhov one that have been established under older rules, I just mention couple here:

Pasternak, Boris Leonidovich, ǂd 1890-1960; under (strict) RDA should be established as: Pasternak, Boris, ǂd 1890-1960

Pushkin, Aleksandr Sergeevich, ǂd 1799-1837 (under RDA - Pushkin, Aleksandr, ǂd 1799-1837).

I don’t even mention here NARs for Fyodor Dostoevsky, Leo Tolstoi, Peter Tchaikovsky, and other Russian writers’ and composers’ names that were established mostly according to Western reference sources or Western publications. Under RDA headings for these people should be changed to Russian forms (Dostoevskii, Fedor, and Tolstoi, Lev) , shouldn’t they?

I have been grandfathering older forms of headings like these when re-coding records to RDA (and I see some other institutions did the same) on the premise that these headings are RDA-compatible, and changing them now will bring much disorder to bibliographic universe.

I would be interested to hear what other PCC contributing libraries think about situation like this. As more and more older headings will be on the list for being RDAified, I am sure more people will run into the same dilemma – grandfather or not?

Thank you,

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