I'm fine with the BL proposals, but in the end we aren't going to solve the
problem of undifferentiated name authorities by adding more attribute-based
authorized access point qualifiers to RDA. In some cases the evidence for
differentiation is so tied to a particular resource (e.g., stray bits of
circumstantial information about an author of archival correspondence) or
so difficult to express (e.g., a style difference between to identically
named contemporary illustrators) that it offers no good basis for an
authorized access point qualifier.

We need a technique that will ALWAYS enable differentiation, such as the
default inclusion of a system number in comparisons when a 1XX heading
string is identical to another 1XX and the two identities are distinct in
the cataloger's judgment. This may be something that gets done in authority
systems, e.g., by a change to the NACO Heading Comparison rules rather than
by changes to a rule set like RDA. So I support the BL proposals as a way
of making entities more identifiable from authorized access points, but not
as a solution to the problem of undifferentiated access.


On Mon, Oct 8, 2012 at 5:35 AM, Moore, Richard <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I came across n 2012041419, an RDA NAR which has been made into an
> undifferentiated name. I think it illustrates the difficulties inherent in
> creating undifferentiated NARs under RDA, and the important of being able
> to make all authorised personal name access points unique.
> 010   $a n 2012041419
> 040   $a DLC $b eng $c DLC $e rda $d DLC
> 1001  $a Zhang, Xiaomei
> 374   $a Translator
> 377   $a chi $a rus
> 4001  $a ÷
> 667   $a Non-Latin script reference not evaluated.
> 670   $a [Translator of 1955 Nian Xizang ji xing]
> 670   $a 1955 Nian Xizang ji xing, 2010:$$bt.p. (÷ = Zhang Xiaomei [in
> rom.] translator)
> 670   $a [Author of Heilongjiang Sheng guo you lin quan gai ge bao zhang
> ti xi yan jiu]
> 670   $a Heilongjiang Sheng guo you lin quan gai ge bao zhang ti xi yan
> jiu, 2010: $b t.p. (÷ = Zhang Xiaomei) vita (B.A. from Dongbei nong ye da
> xue zhi wu bao hu xi in1989; master and doctor degrees in Guan li xue in
> 2001 and 2005)
> 675   $a HKCAN database, viewed Sep 19, 2012
> 374 and 377 appear to have been included with the original identity. When
> a second identity was added, no further 37X could be added, as it would
> immediately have been unclear to whom they referred.
> In this case, should one of the authors subsequently be removed to a new,
> differentiated NAR, it is reasonably clear to whom the 37X belong (but only
> because none have been added for the second identity). In a record
> containing multiple identities, this would not be clear. Worse, if 046/37X
> had been added for more than one identity, confusion would ensue, both when
> examining the undifferentiated NAR, and in trying to move any identity to a
> new, differentiated NAR. The only safe option would be to remove any
> existing 046/37X, and not add any more.
> If undifferentiated RDA NARs are to be created, it seems the choice is
> between confusion and inaccuracy if discrete data elements are included,
> and loss of data if they are not.
> It seems better to aim for an differentiated NAR in every case. The BL has
> aimed to do this since our announcement earlier in the year that we would
> no longer create undifferentiated NARs. Since then we have pushed our
> notion of "Profession or occupation" as far as we consider reasonable, and
> find that it mostly works. However, in a small but annoying number of
> cases, when information is not available, RDA leaves us short of a
> qualifier. This is the reason for the BL RDA change proposals 6/JSC/BL/3
> and 6/JSC/BL/4, which can be found at
> Regards
> Richard
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