When creating RDA NARs on LC/NAF for an ongoing conference, NARs are created both representing the series of conferences as a whole (the collective NAR), and for the individaul instances of the conference (the individual NARs).
Any information based on AACR2 and LCRIs is obsolete in this context - though I guess it is still OK to create AACR2 style NARs until next March - which will correspond to RDA collective NARs.
It will cause confusion if people change existing AACR2 "collective" NARs to become RDA "individual NARs". Makes more sense to create the individual NARs as new NARs.
Richard Moore
Authority Control Team Manager
The British Library

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Subject: [PCCLIST] Changing Ongoing Conference NAR's-problem

PCCLIST readers,

Two NARs are now extant for the conference "Conference on Stably Stratified Flows" with which Mary Charles Lasater initiated this e-mail thread.  One was originally created for the ongoing series, then changed to represent just the fifth (in the process, merging two NARs and updating to RDA).  One was originally created to represent just the fourth.  Perhaps the one representing just the fourth should not have been created according to AACR2 NACO practice (below) but is now what is required in RDA.

Recently I used OCLC's macro for creating a NAR, and it created one for the ongoing series.  In the bib record, I added data for the individual conference (number, year, place) and controlled the heading.

The document NACO Training for OCLC Libraries (April 2010), available here
has on p. 3-57 this information:

Conferences : Ongoing
$a subfield: place or date
• Omit number and frequency words from name of conference (e.g. second, annual, etc.)
Bibliographic record:
• Always add number ($n), date ($d), and place ($c) in bibliographic access point, if available
Name authority record:
• Do not add any qualifier in NAR
• If a conflict exists, add appropriate qualifier in 111
AACR2 & LCRI 24.7B
Is this information now obsolete?  Under RDA, I understand that all NARs are required to have qualifying information. (Note: I have not yet received RDA training for NACO - please correct if necessary.)  So there will be no more NARs for ongoing series, just for individual conferences.  Is this correct?  Surely new NARs need to be created in all cases, as Mary Charles originally said.  But if this is not widely understood, the consequences can cause a minor havoc.  - Ian
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