Don’t the 781 fields need to be updated on the NARs for the old names as well, e.g. on LCCN n  79095642 and n  81074465?



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This also affects other Indian cities:


Bombay became Mumbai in 1996

Madras became Chennai in 1996

Calcutta became Kolkata in 2001

Pondicherry became Puducherry in 2006


The current names are used in publications, and are the approved forms in GEONet.  LC/NAF, however, has only updated the most recent (Puducherry).


The LCPS for RDA says to base the preferred name on the form found in the resource, together with a consideration of the form found on the GEOnet names server. So changes would seem to be warranted.


I raised this with LC in July, and offered to make these changes, if they agreed. I've had no reply, to date. I think we've both been a bit preoccupied with RDA implementation and training in the meantime ...