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A fellow NU cataloger has come across the following situation and we are stymied by how to proceed.

On the piece, the title is: [Prisciani] De accentibus

So we have 245 10 ‡a [Prisciani] De accentibus

While our bib record is being cataloged using AACR2, we are contributing a RDA authority record.
100 0_ ‡a Priscian, ‡d fl. ca. 500-530. ‡t De accentibus. ‡l Italian
400 0_ ‡a Priscian, ‡d fl. ca. 500-530. ‡t [Prisciani] De accentibus

We have not been able to find any guidance in either AACR2 or RDA on how to transcribe the square brackets. In our minds, square brackets usually denote supplied information of some sort. We don't want others to think that we supplied something we did not.

In my training, I've informed folks that in MARC there's no distinction between transcribed brackets and cataloger interpolation brackets.  I suggested they might develop a local policy on this point.  As an example, I offered (at least for bib records) the continuation of AACR2 substitutions for transcribed brackets until such distinctions can be made.  And optionally adding a note to the record stating that the parentheses in the record appear on the piece as brackets, though that might be overkill.  Maybe this gets carried over to authority records and access points?

Ditto ellipses and the mark of omission.

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