Hi All,


Further to my email of last week, I have an updated version of this proposal.


The main change is the inclusions of (1) a new section that demonstrates an XML implementation of this proposal, and (2) the inclusion of fixity entities in simpleBitstreamChange and complexBitstreamChange entities. When writing the example implementation it was found that pre and post change fixity was a useful data object to capture.


I have also made some minor corrections to the model - I noticed that a couple of the elements had become out of sync in a previous revision, so these have been tidied up.


As per my previous email, we would be very interested in your feedback, specifically in the following questions:


1.     Where does this element sit hierarchically in the current PREMIS model?


a.     It sits as an entity as its own right, the provenance note does not comfortably sit inside any of the current PREMIS entities




b.    It sits comfortably within an existing entity (e.g. Event) as it is a logical extension of an existing data subset described in PREMIS   


2.     Is there anything missing from the model that would be suitable for inclusion as a 'technical' activity/observation inside the bounds of this proposal?


3.     Is the cardinality of the data units correct as proposed?


4.     Is this something you would consider using in the future if it was available as a PREMIS structure?


This will be briefly introduced at the PREMIS fair at iPres 2012 .



Kind regards, and greetings from a spring-like Wellington.


Jay Gattuso | Digital Preservation Analyst | Preservation, Research and Consultancy

National Library of New Zealand | Te Puna Mātauranga o Aotearoa

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