Are you at the PREMIS Implementation Fair today? We will talk about this. If not, we will write something up soon. 
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Dear PREMIS Editorial Committee,

I'm involved in SCAPE project ( and one
of the tasks of our project is to create a Preservation Watch
component (Watch) that, besides other things, will monitor the
activity of a digital preservation repository.
The Watch will monitor events occurring inside the repository, but not
only preservation events. It will monitor events like "SIP ingestion
started", "SIP ingestion finished", "user downloaded representation",
"user consulted descriptive metadata", "Preservation Plan executed on
object", etc.

The monitoring will access the repository event information through an
API that repositories will implement called Report API. This API will
be an OAI-PMH provider that disseminates records in PREMIS XML format.

PREMIS events are meant to record preservation events and the objects
of those events can be PREMIS Objects (representations, files or
In our case the objects of the events may be SIPs, Intellectual
entities (descriptive metadata) and Preservation Plans (although Plans
can also be considered PREMIS Agents).

The current version of PREMIS Event Entity has only 1 element (2.7
linkingObjectIdentifier) to link objects to an event. In our case it
would be useful if we could link other types of objects to the event
using elements like (linkingIntellectualEntityIdentifier,
linkingSIPIdentifier, linkingPlanIdentifier) or a generic element like

Is it possible to consider the addition of such an element in future
versions of the data model?

Best regards,
Rui Castro

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