Hi all


In Toronto I think I promised to put my comments to this list as well, which I will do here.


Regarding the preservation level my comment is explain in the previous mail with title:

“Re: preservationLevelType -- request to PREMIS EC”


Concerning the replacement of linkingIntellectualEntityIdentifier, I think that changes are acceptable as long as I can be given a translation from the old to the new version. In this case the translation is going from e.g.


   < linkingIntellectualEntityIdentifierType>UUID</linkingIntellectualEntityIdentifierType>            





   < linkingObjectIdentifierType>UUID</linkingObjectIdentifierType>            

   <linkingObjectIdentifierValue>6bc8fa11-1216-11e2-8e2f-005056887b67</linkingObjectIdentifierValue >

   < linkingObjectRole>IntellectualEntity</linkingObjectRole>            



So if I understood this right then I have no concerns anymore.  The question left is whether I here use linkingObjectRole as it was supposed to or whether there are missing a linkingObjectType field as well?


Best Regards, Eld



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