On 26/11/2012, Frank Forman wrote:

> I am pretty sure that Pristine, Music & Arts, Naxos are doing more 
> than reissuing old CDs, but I think other labels are basically 
> defunct. If you know of others, please let me know about new, fresh 
> transfers and when they were issued.
Guild and Somm and Pristine Audio are making new transfers of historical
classical material.

Hep, Frog, Archaeophone Dutton and Avid are transferring jazz and dance material.

Hep concentrates on 1930s-40s, Frog on 1920s-30s, Archaeophone on
acoustics. Dutton mostly does British dance bands, and Avid are
transferring 50s vinyl (some already on CD, some not).

I think JSP are still issuing new box sets from 78s.

Don Cox
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