As far as I know, the ultimate authority on Koussevitzky recordings is Kevin 
Mostyn. You can check his listing of surviving Koussevitzky broadcasts at  That listing is about ten years old. Many more things have 
surfaced since that list was prepared. He does not list what has been published, 
only what has survived. There are things like the Copland Third with 
Koussevitzky (which resides at Library of Congress) which does not appear on his 

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Hello all.

I collect all Serge Koussevitzky CD reissues whether "legal" or pirated.
I've got AS Discs which, I've heard, were taken from Nate Brown's collection.
I have Dante Lis, Biddulph, Eklipse, Stradivarius, Music and Art, Iron Needle, 
RCA Victor, Gemm/Pearl, Guild, Pristine, Dutton and some Russian MP3 releases.
I think that's all of them, but is there a compiled list of every SK CD ever 
issued regardless of legal or not?