Neville Marriner was generally accorded most-recorded conductor status,
even beyond his publicists. But such "stats" are writ on water. I can't
contribute much to this thread beyond confirming Ormandy's span of
acoustic/digital and the story that those who brought him copies of the
Cameos, Lincolns and Okehs he made usually saw them broken over his knee.
Another conductor, Eugene Goosens, got from acoustic to 35mm mag film. The
Judson Radio Program Corp. Ormandy discs are Green label, 12in, and not all
are inside out. They appear to have been manufactured by Columbia as they
are laminated.

I was off-line for 24hrs and just spent the better part of an hour chopping
all this cyber kudzo out of my inbox. Jeez, you guys! Think before you
post. Someone has to deal with all these missives. Otherwise, it's a global



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> Marriner perhaps?
> Eric Nagamine
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> Kostelanetz is the proper spelling. I might guess Fiedler, Toscanini, or
> Stokowski.
> Cary
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> > Thanks Mike. Do you (or anyone else on-list) know what was, in fact, the
> most-recorded conductor? As I wrote before, Dorati and Karajan come to
> mind, but maybe some obscure guy laboring for budget-priced classics did
> more? Maybe Kostelonitz (sp?)?
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> > -- Tom Fine
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> >> Hype on both counts - Gene made violin records in the late 20s, though
> not so far as I know acoustic ones. After he got hooked up with Arthur
> Judson and became a conductor, he wanted everyone to forget he ever made
> them.
> >>
> >>
> >> Mike

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