I didn't reply before as I wanted to fully remember my source, but I don't.
For a time in the 1990s Gramphone published three or four numbers of a
small format
magazine which was like a paperback book called the "international record
collectors -- something." In issue No. 2 there was a complete account of
the weird
Philips-Miller system. It was used in 1939 to make a recording of Bach's
St. Matthew Passion with a relatively reputable conductor; I have no idea
who. The recording
was issued, but only in mono. Only a couple of recordings made with system
survive, and I think they are mono mixes all, but they are remarkable in
their clarity and
resolution, even in mono. And of course I am summarizing because I have
never heard them, and the magazine was something I read off the rack at
work, so I haven't
seen the article in nearly 20 years.

Uncle Dave Lewis
Lebanon, OH

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> No one ever replied to this one. Anyone know any details? Guys in Europe??
> Concertgebouw fans?
> -- Tom Fine
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>  According to old issues of the Philips Technical Journal, in the 1940s
>> the company adapted at least one of their Philips-Miller film-inscriber
>> recorders to make "binaural" 2-channel recordings. Have any of these been
>> reissued on CD?
>> -- Tom Fine