I went to the Norton clean-up for a few hours on Saturday;

I can't speak as an official representative, but it sure seems like they
could use a loaner Disc-washer.

If anybody has any kind of LP vacuum-washer-brusher contraption, you might
consider offering them a temporary loan.

Friendly folks, great label, and good vibes all around considering the
depth of the destruction.

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> If you aren't friends with Norton Records or any fans of the label on
> Facebook, you may have missed any updates about the situation there.
> The Norton blog has some photos and updates:
> r-help.html
> There was also a story about Norton on Huffington Post today.  The video
> linked here is really heartbreaking.  It gives you a good idea of the
> kind of damage their warehouse and stock of records suffered, as well as
> the scope of the mess now left to clean up:
> html
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