The winner, ased on rime rather than the number of items, is probably Nana

Steve Smolian

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"The man who made more records" is definitely Henry Burr, and that was
established recently, when dedicated research showed that he surpassed even
Bollywood movie music singer Lata Mangeshkar.


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> On the back cover of RCA's first for-release digital recording, 
> Bartok's "Concerto For Orchestra" by Ormandy/Philly, producer Jay 
> David Saks wrote that Ormandy's recording career "has spanned over 
> half a century -- from 78rpms, both acoustical and electrical, through 
> mono and stereo LPs to quadrophonic ..." Is it true that Ormandy 
> recorded acoustic 78's? Can anyone provide details on his earliest
> Saks further describes Ormandy as "the man who has made more records 
> than any other person in history." Is that true? More than Karajan? 
> More than Dorati?
> -- Tom Fine