Have you checked to see if the tape path including the guides are not full
of debris from the passage of a sticky tape?

Steve Smolian

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Hey Jim,

The first thing you need to find out is if the Technics does this without a
tape threaded. Also, if this symptom occurs at all speeds.
In either case, there are a number of possible problems. A fairly common one
is a failure of one of the IC's on the control board. On the "easy fix" end
is that it's the result of playing sticky tapes where residue from tape
binder failure is stopping the tape travel (where thorough cleaning of the
tape path is needed). 
I've repaired a number of these machines and while some of the solutions can
be quite simple for the end user to fix him/her-self, finding the root of
the problem can take a bit of Q&A.
I suggest that you have your friend register and post an inquiry to the Tape
Project Forum. There are a great number of Technics RS series users there
and I can help him to get the 1520 up and running and the thread will add to
the troubleshooting data base there.

Steve Koto

On Oct 24, 2012, at 1:43 PM, Jim Long wrote:

> Another person contacted me recently about his 1520, having found from 
> a
> 2008 post I made to the listserv that I had a 1520 and both its 
> Operating Instructions and Service Manual. His symptom is that after 
> hitting the play button the unit starts to play but then stops 
> virtually immediately.  On page 6 of my manual, there is a Symptomatic 
> Check List.  The closest thing to the symptom described to me is "tape 
> stops running during playback" with the "check point" of "too strong a
pressure between pressure roller and capstan,"
> noting that a "pressure roller pressure adjustment" is needed.  Pages 
> 14-15 describe the process by which the pressure can be adjusted to 
> 900 +/-100 grams.
> Does anyone have a hands-on familiarity with the 1520 to add any 
> further comments/warnings/encouragement regarding this symptom?  I 
> will pass on any info received.  Thanks!
> Jim Long
> Baroda, MI