Hi Thomas:

It's hard to say anything conclusive about sound quality based on an internet stream, which is what 
we were listening to, but the Victor selection they played sounded pretty good. I agree about that 
period of Armstrong music, it's my favorite. Mosaic released the Decca recordings, which are 
technically excellent but I like the hotter, younger, more trumpet-centric Satchmo.

My suggestion is, wait for the CDs to be released, then check back at Amazon or others for audio 
samples when they're posted. True Blue Music might have some audio samples already. Typical Sony MO 
for remastering disk media these days is pretty aggressive DSP, but some of the results I've heard 
(for instance, the Robert Johnson box, and the extra CD of rare Victor blues sides) was pleasing to 
my ears. It's a far cry from the old Sony early-era CD reissues of "Duke's Men," for example, where 
they used so much CEDAR and EQ that they sucked all life and high end out of everything.

-- Tom Fine

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> Hi Tom,
>  How is the sound quality?  Have the records been remastered for these sets?
>  The FROG Bessie Smith was far superior to the old Columbia's, but Columbia included some 
> interviews.  Don't remember
> if Frog had the soundtrack from her film.  Since the film is available on DVD, don't suppose that 
> is important.
>  The Armstrong set covers an exceptional period of music creation.
>  Price's I've seen are under $60 - seems reasonable.
> Best wishes, Thomas.
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> Hi Thomas:
> Yippee! Especially on a sequel to "The Stuff that Dreams Are Made Of." More R. Crumb, old ditties
> and a thick booklet chock full of record-collector lore.
> I heard some of the Satchmo over the weekend on WBGO's internet stream. They happened to have a
> great afternoon show going on Saturday, while we were washing storm debris off the house and then
> decided to wash all the windows while we had the ladders out.
> One thing about the Sony reissue boxes is that they tend to go down in price once they've been in
> the market for a while. I think Sony does these like UMG and Sony do the classical box sets --  
> they
> pre-sell them, no returns allowed, then manufacture to order and may or may not manufacture any
> more, depending of demand builds beyond expectations.
> The Duke Ellington box is great, putting some stuff back in print that's been unavailable for a
> while. I have most of the LPs so I'll probably skip it, but I can highly recommend most of the 
> music
> in it.
> -- Tom Fine
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>> Noticed some interesting new releases:
>>  2-cd with booklet containing ephemera, reminiscences of collecting 1940's-60's.
>> SONY/RCA Legacy (Box sets)
>>  Louis Armstrong -The OKEH, Columbia, RCA recordings 1925-1933 (10 cd)
>>  Bessie Smith - The complete Columbia recordings  (10 cd)
>>  Duke Ellington - The Complete Columbia Studio Albums Collection 1951-1958 (9 cd)
>> Best wishes, Thomas.