Does the original RIGLER-DEUTSCH listing show which collections hold a particular item?

Reason for question:  WORLDCAT now contains the Rigler-Deutsch data, but for some itms does NOT
have anyone holding a copy.

The project to create a ROYCROFT discography finds an OTAKAR MARAK disc attributed to ROYCROFT,
but no holders.

If anyone has the Rigler Deutsch listing and can identify where the data came from,
perhaps they will be able to determine if this is a mis-attribution to Roycroft
for some other label, or provide the catalog number ???

The item in question:
  	5252	Jak Monzo Veriti Z Opery Prodana Nevesta  - Smetany		OTAKAR MARAK ORCHESTRU
	5267	Pisen Chapelona Z Opery Postillon Z Lenjumeau - Marak		OTAKAR MARAK ORCHESTRU


Best wishes, Thomas.