$5 for two of the Pentatone quad-hybrid Mazur Beethoven recordings, made by Philips in the 70s. 
$12.50 for a third. Plus good pricing on a couple of the Jazz Icons DVDs. There are a bunch of other 
Pentatone SACDs for various low prices. These things retailed for $20+ when they came out.

-- Tom Fine

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IIRC, there were a number of emails displaying continuing interest in SACD disks.
I received a blurb from the good folks at Acoustic Sounds and they're having what looks to be a heck 
of a sale on single and dual layer disks. Many for under $10 each.
If you order several, check to see if you qualify for free shipping too.

No affiliation with the seller, just seems like a great deal (although I haven't exactly been 
hunting for SACD's in a while).

steve koto