Thanks to Bruce and Richard for their replies.  I should probably outline my reasons for asking in the first place.  We're working on a Grammy Foundation grant to digitize a number of tapes.  We currently have M-Audio Delta 1010 and Delta 66 interfaces which allow for a maximum sampling frequency of 96 kHz at 24 bits.  Aside from the fact that the sampling frequency and bit rates just squeak by and  the units have break out boxes I question whether this statement on page 2 of Grammy's methodology document relegates the Deltas to the garbage can.

 Use of internal computer audio converters and sound cards are not allowed for analog to digital conversion

In addition, our Sound Forge 9 software does not support (output) broadcast wave files but there is a program called BWAVWriter that will convert regular WAVs to BWAVs.

I don't know whether this satisfies the requirements or not.  

Basically I'm looking for hardware/software that will allow the simultaneous capturing of up to eight analogue audio channels at 192 kHz/24-bit rendered in a BWAV format.  

Again thanks to Bruce and Richard for their input so far.


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Hi, Martin,

I am very pleased with my RME Fireface UFX which has 12 analog inputs (8 lines and 4 mic/instrument) and operates at up to 192 ks/s. The mic preamps are the best I currently own (better than the Sound Devices 722, at least with my DPA-4006 TL pair). It is also a field recorder, but use a stick USB interface and SDHC cards or a USB HDD but NOT a USB thumb drive. For the computer it has both USB and FW400 interfaces. You need the USB interface for upgrading firmware, but the FW seems to impose less demands on the host's CPU, so I use that for normal operation.

I've owned this for about 18 months or so. While I don't take it into the field often, it is a nice-to-have option.



On 2012-11-30 10:07 AM, Martin Fisher wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> What are some good options for multi (6 to 8 analog) input 192 kHz recording interfaces?  I'm sure this has been covered before but I can't seem to locate any early posts.
> Thanks.
> Martin