I regret I have not bought any issues in a number of years.It's always been kind of pricey.Currently it's 32.00 for a four issue subscription.

If anybody has issues from the 2000s that they would be willing to part with,please ping me offlist.



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 After The Gramophone abandoned the publication during the 1990s, it was reorganized independently and has continued to this day. First as Classic Record Collector, more recently as Classical Recordings Quarterly. I've subscribed since the first issue. The accumulated years of issues contain a huge goldmine of information about recording companies, labels, careers of artists, and of people who worked either with and remember them or recall their work in making recordings. Recent articles about Germany's Ultraphon label are just one example. Also a two-part (at least) one about the American LP label Urania. All authors have top-flight credentials.

 Incidentally, I've written this only out of enthusiasm because I think the publication is an invaluable source of information. I wasn't paid to post it....

 Don Tait

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On 29/11/2012, David Lewis wrote:

> Tom,
> I didn't reply before as I wanted to fully remember my source, but I
> don't. For a time in the 1990s Gramphone published three or four
> numbers of a small format
> magazine which was like a paperback book called the "international
> record collectors -- something." 

"International Classical Record Collector".

I have issues 2 to 5 here. The article you refer to was in issue 5,
pages 69-75, by Michael Gray.

> In issue No. 2 there was a complete
> account of the weird
> Philips-Miller system. It was used in 1939 to make a recording of
> Bach's St. Matthew Passion with a relatively reputable conductor; I
> have no idea who. The recording
> was issued, but only in mono. Only a couple of recordings made with
> system survive, and I think they are mono mixes all, but they are
> remarkable in their clarity and
> resolution, even in mono. And of course I am summarizing because I
> have never heard them, and the magazine was something I read off the
> rack at work, so I haven't
> seen the article in nearly 20 years.
> Uncle Dave Lewis
> Lebanon, OH
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>> No one ever replied to this one. Anyone know any details? Guys in
>> Europe?? Concertgebouw fans?
>> -- Tom Fine
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>> According to old issues of the Philips Technical Journal, in the
>> 1940s
>> the company adapted at least one of their Philips-Miller
>> film-inscriber recorders to make "binaural" 2-channel recordings.
>> Have any of these been reissued on CD?
>>> -- Tom Fine
Don Cox
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