Yes, the Capitol classical series on reel to reel two track stereo tapes that had the ZF prefix were the beginning of hi-fi sound for those of us who were looking for most outstanding new magnetic recordings.  We shouldn't fail to mention the Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra (really the L.A. Philharmonic) conducted by Carmen Dragon or the hi-fi spectacular, Felix Slatkin - Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra  -  Britten - Variations on a Nursery Tune - Dohnanyi - ZF-23.  Both on tape or disk, it's still an amazing recording that has been remastered and reissued at least once, last by Cisco.

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> People sometimes don't associate Capitol and its engineering staff with
> classical recording, but they always had at least one foot in the
> business in the LP era. Steinberg/Pittsburgh and Stokowski/Houston
> recorded on the Capitol label. Capitol also did "sound spectacular"
> light-classical records in Hollywood with Erich Leinsdorf and Leonard
> Slatkin.

I have a few of those; in that era it would have been Felix Slatkin, Leonard's dad; Leonard was just a pup then. As was I.