I have two Stanton 500 ALII cartidges where the tiny single spot-weld has failed and the cartridge has detached from its mounting!  Your fix may prevent the same happening to yours.

Stanton's quality control leaves a lot to be desired!

Best wishes

On 11/15/2012 10:08 AM, Martin Fisher wrote:

> I'm using Stanton 500 AL / 400.V3 carts in combination with Technics 
> head shells on two modifications of a Technics SL-1200MK2 turntable.  
> Cutting to the chase, through quick experimentation this morning I 
> found the problem to be caused by the standoff flange type mounting of 
> the cartridge.  I reason that this flimsy mounting was allowing the 
> cartridge to oscillate (rock) in a vertical plane independently of the 
> head shell and tonearm at the fulcrum point where the cartridge body 
> was attached (?spot welded?) to the mounting flange.  What was needed 
> was a good solid connection between the two components of the 
> cartridge body and the head shell.  Since this is not easily 
> accomplished by modifying the mounting assembly the next best thing 
> was a good amount of damping which would effectively accomplish the 
> same thing.  I remounted the cartridge with a goodly amount of Scotch 
> removable Adhesive Putty filling in every void between the cartridge 
> body and head shell paying special attention to the spaces in front and back of the mounting flange.
> While it's not a $450 ultra rare teakwood & ebony modification and 
> might not have the fine sculpted lines the audiophile crowd might 
> sure gets the job done.  All of the things we love 
> are still there but the horrible hollow scrape is completely gone!!  
> :-)  Onward & upward.  Comments welcome
> Martin