Thanks Paul,

I've already got putty ran down the entire length of the tube on the left hand side.  Didn't seem to make a difference but it's there anyhow and doesn't get in my way.  


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On 11/15/2012 10:08 AM, Martin Fisher wrote:

> I'm using Stanton 500 AL / 400.V3 carts in combination with Technics 
> head shells on two modifications of a Technics SL-1200MK2 turntable.  
> Cutting to the chase, through quick experimentation this morning I 
> found the problem to be caused by the standoff flange type mounting of 
> the cartridge.  I reason that this flimsy mounting was allowing the 
> cartridge to oscillate (rock) in a vertical plane independently of the 
> head shell and tonearm at the fulcrum point where the cartridge body 
> was attached (?spot welded?) to the mounting flange.  What was needed 
> was a good solid connection between the two components of the 
> cartridge body and the head shell.  Since this is not easily 
> accomplished by modifying the mounting assembly the next best thing 
> was a good amount of damping which would effectively accomplish the 
> same thing.  I remounted the cartridge with a goodly amount of Scotch 
> removable Adhesive Putty filling in every void between the cartridge 
> body and head shell paying special
on to the spaces in front and back of the mounting flange.
> While it's not a $450 ultra rare teakwood & ebony modification and 
> might not have the fine sculpted lines the audiophile crowd might 
> sure gets the job done.  All of the things we love 
> are still there but the horrible hollow scrape is completely gone!!  
> :-)  Onward & upward.  Comments welcome
> Martin
Yes, that goo from 3M is very useful stuff. Something with similar effect is Mortite, a rope caulk sold as a window sealant. I've used both to tame nasty headshell resonances.

Another trick that's useful is to wrap a small ring of Mortite or the 3M stuff around the shaft of the tonearm, flattening it out so it makes good contact with the shaft. This helps damp resonances in the arm itself. A ring halfway down and another 1/3 of the way down (measuring from the pivot) can really help clean up the sound. Of course, when adding these (or damping in the headshell) you need to re-balance the arm.