The Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) invites active BIBCO institutions to follow this RDA “bridge” training plan for descriptive cataloging in the context of the PCC BIBCO Standard Record for textual monographs.  RDA NACO training and record review are pre-requisites.


PCC BIBCO RDA Course materials


The PCC has approved the use of online LC RDA training modules, as found on the Catalogers Learning Workshop, for use by PCC partners for descriptive training.


RDA: Module 1 -- Introduction to RDA; Identifying Manifestations and Items

RDA: Module 2 – Describing Carriers and Identifying Works

RDA: Module 3 – Identifying Expressions and Describing Content

RDA: Module 4 -- Relationships


RDA BIBCO Webinars


In support of the RDA descriptive training that BIBCO institutions complete using online LC Modules 1-4, the PCC Secretariat will offer live webinars.  RDA BIBCO Webinars are question-and-answer sessions with experienced RDA catalogers.  Initially, each of four webinars (approx. 90 minutes) will correspond to the content of the appropriate training Module and the PCC RDA BIBCO Standard Record (BSR) as applied to textual monographs. The initial plan is to offer four separate webinars to correspond to the appropriate module.


BIBCO institutions





Things to consider



To register for the December RDA BIBCO webinars, please complete this survey by Friday, November 30, 2012:



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